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Arizona UV Air Purification

Ultraviolet light possesses just the right amount of energy to break organic molecular bonds. As micro-organisms pass by the UV rays radiated from the ultraviolet lamp, this bond breakage translates into cellular or genetic damage for micro-organisms, such as germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi (like molds), etc. This results in the destruction of the micro-organisms. Accurate system location at the blower unit ensures that the air blowing into the ducts and your Arizona home is purified by the UV light automatically.

We recommend using the Breathe Easy UV Lamp to eliminate pollutants from the air in your Arizona home Recommended System Overview

  • Breathe Easy UV Lamp - Single Lamp Unit - Model: BEUV
    • Easy Installation - 15 minutes or less
    • Effective in helping to eliminate airborne allergens, bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, etc.
    • Reduces odors by treating the air/furnace with UV sterilization all day
    • Allergy and asthma relief
    • Produces no ozone
    • One 13 watt UV-C lamp bulb has a life of 12000 hours; 120 volt; w/power cord

Continued list of the benefits from using a germacidal uv lamp Germacidal UV Lamp - More Benefits

  • Improves the overall air quality that your family breathes
  • Reduces deadly viruses and germs by radiating ultraviolet light
  • Pennies a day to operate - low cost to buy
  • Safely helps to sterilize microbiological contaminants, airborne allergens, bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi and more

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